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                Mining sand grinder, crawler type slag scraper, skimming machine


                Mine slag digger, crawler slag digger applicable to the use of medium-section tunnel slag, my company's production and sales of slag digger has pure electric, but also has dual-purpose diesel and electricity, the construction side can be selected according to the actual situation of the site. For the use of non-coal mine units, the manufacturer suggests that the choice of dual-purpose diesel and electricity, for later use convenient walking.


                The selection of slag remover can be selected according to the size of the tunnel. According to the model to small to large, here is a simple point, 60 is suitable for 2 meters to 2.6 meters of tunnel loading slag, 80 is suitable for 2.6 meters to 3.2 meters of tunnel loading slag, 120 is suitable for 3.2 meters to 4 meters of tunnel, 180 is suitable for 4 meters to 5 meters of tunnel. At present, the purchase rate of 60 and 80 models is the highest relative to other models, both mines and diversion tunnels are very much.


                No. 60 and No. 80 slag loaded can be matched with our mine four unlike the car to transport slag, car steel plate thick, strong and durable, slag transport volume, less maintenance and other features by the majority of the construction side like.

                Hydraulic slag scraper, crawler scraper machine factory standing stock, welcome to inquire, to spot purchase!

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