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                Si Chuan RuiDiTong Construction Machinery CO.,LTD扒渣机 耙斗机 电耙子 四不像 四不像矿就是這里车△ 专业制造

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                Loading equipment for MuckingLoader Mine Tunnel


                The origin of MuckingLoader is also the improvement of the early Harrow and Harrow Machine, the former Harrow and Harrow need to be fired after the shooting anchor, hanging pulley, steel rope and so on. Need to do some tedious preparation, so that can not save time, can not improve production efficiency. As a result, our intelligent human beings developed and produced this wheeled excavator like a machine, the birth of the MuckingLoader,MuckingLoader mine tunnel mining has brought a flying boost, speeding up the tunnel excavation progress. At present, the size of the machine is mainly defined according to the capacity per hour, from 60 cubic meters per hour to 220 cubic meters per hour. The construction unit can choose the corresponding mechanical model according to its actual situation.

                扒渣机_扒渣ξ 机厂家

                The birth of MuckingLoader is, in a sense, a benefit to the excavation of mines or tunnels and a great help. Machines can be loaded there wherever they go, without having to prepare anything else. They are the same as the loaders we use in the open air. Although there are more advanced tunneling machines and washing machines at present, the price is not acceptable or affordable to everyone, and 80% of the construction units or self-employed will choose our MuckingLoader to use.


                In addition to the price, the quality of MuckingLoader, and after-sales is the most concerned by many use units at present, my companyundefineds production and sales of MuckingLoader is also after 12 years of experience, in continuous improvement, so in terms of quality, we can rest assured. It is not a small factory that has just started producing and selling. After sale, due to tunnel use, the conditions are relatively bad, our company will send professional personnel to do after-sales work (are production line staff).


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