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                MuckingLoader Winter Maintenance Program


                With the arrival of winter, the weather is getting colder and colder. With the arrival of cold air, it begins to snow in many places. The scenery is very beautiful, but the people we work need to add clothes to keep warm. People say that the temperature in the underground is warm in the East and cool in the summer, but we can not inadvertently deal with it. So how about winter? What about the maintenance of MuckingLoader?


                First of all, if it is a Mucking Loader for diesel and electricity, we can add anti-freeze liquid to multi-cylinder diesel engine. If it is a single-cylinder diesel engine, when we do not use the diesel engine, we must clean the water in the diesel engine and inject warm water into it when using the diesel engine. Then our Mucking Loader hydraulic system, hydraulic oil, also needs to be replaced with 32 anti-wear hydraulic oil (68 anti-wear hydraulic oil is used in summer).


                Notes for replacing hydraulic oil: all cylinders are recovered, and then the oil in the hydraulic tank is cleaned. At the same time, the filter element of the hydraulic oil filter needs cleaning or replacement. If the oil line blocking lamp on the control box is always on, it should be cleaned or replaced in time: magnetic rod of oil return filter, filter element and filter element of oil absorption filter. Oil return and oil absorption filters are equipped with self-sealing valves. When the end cap of oil return or oil absorption filters is removed and the filter element is removed, the oil in the tank will not flow back; and there is a bypass valve, which can prevent the pump from sucking up when the filter element is blocked, but it must be cleaned and replaced in time, otherwise the whole oil pipeline will be polluted.


                When the oil temperature in the tank is lower than 25 degrees in winter, Mucking Loader can work normally only if the pump is idled or other permissive heating methods are adopted to make the oil temperature reach the permissible operating conditions. Therefore, when using Mucking Loader in winter, you need to heat up the engine first. Otherwise, Mucking Loader has no movement or "feel weak all over".

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