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                Upgraded Edition of Electric Rake-Slag Scraper


                Electric rake, the indispensable equipment for mining in mining enterprises, is mainly used in the underground mining face for coal mine and non-coal mine stone mining operations, but when digging, our electric rake is not good, when digging, then what do we use to work? After the introduction of foreign products, we have designed this product. It can replace the electric rake to carry out slag-picking and loading operation in the excavation face. The slag-picking machine is like an open-air loader, but its appearance is more like a excavator. Compared with excavators, the hourly load of slag scrapers is much larger, but the slag scrapers can not dig like excavators, can only carry out simple slag scraping of loose bulk materials, so when we use slag scrapers, we must first determine whether slag has been disposed of. If blasting operations cannot be used, then it is necessary to purchase a dredger with broken or washed digging heads for use.





                Slag scraper is an alternative to electric rock loader (rake loader, rake bucket loader, rake winch, electric rake). It has high loading efficiency and can carry out flexible loading operation in mine tunnels. Slag scraper is a production device which combines mechanical hand with conveyor and integrates collecting and conveying functions. It adopts electric hydraulic control system. It has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, low energy consumption and high efficiency. It is an indispensable advanced mining equipment for mines and small tunnels, and a substitute for artificial and other machinery.





                Electric rake, slag scraper, mining four unlike car is almost everywhere in the mine, after all, if we need mining operations at present, then we need them very much, of course, there are other equipment can be replaced, but electric rake, slag scraper, mining four unlike car is a very good match.

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