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                On Belt Scraper and Scraper Scraper


                Up to now, our company mainly produces and sells belt type and scraper type slag scrapers. Belt type slag scrapers are also the main products of a manufacturer who has just started to produce slag scrapers, while scraper type slag scrapers are later products. The production technology of scraper slag scraper is relatively more difficult than belt type, and the cost is higher.


                Because of the low price, the market share of belt type slag picker is about 50%, scraper type slag picker is about 30%, and crawler type slag picker is only about 20%. Crawler slag scraper is mostly used to dig inclined wells and tunnels with slopes.


                Belt slag scraper is usually used in diversion tunnel excavation, scraper slag scraper is usually used in diversion tunnel and metal mine roadway excavation. Belt-type slag scraper or belt-type slag scraper, their difference lies in the middle part of the conveyor, and chassis and excavation arm are exactly the same, generally speaking, the vulnerable parts of belt-type slag scraper are much larger than scraper-type, the conveyor belt of belt-type slag scraper basically needs to be replaced in 2-3 months, the cost is about 1500, and the supporting wheel under the belt also needs to be replaced. The scraper or chain power teeth of the scraper slag scraper usually need to be used for about a year before they need to be replaced. This will not delay the construction time.



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