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                Scraperwinch MuckingLoader


                 The electric slag scraper is a general slag scraper in the last generation of China. It is mainly composed of trolley, drum, material trough and rake bucket. Among them, the trolley part is the core part of the whole electric scraper, and it is also a valuable part of the whole machine. Electric scraper is still very popular in the industry, but for novices, it may be a little troublesome, and for those who can operate, compared with modern scraper, they prefer the electric scraper, because the electric scraper is an old equipment they have been using, almost no problems, it is very smooth to use.


                When choosing which kind of slag scraper to use, the first thing we should consider is the conditions inside the roadway - whether there is an installation track in the roadway, whether it will be necessary to install the track in the later period, if there is an installation track, then we will definitely prefer the electric slag scraper. If there is no installation track, then we have to choose the modern slag scraper. Modern dredger industry in the first two years can still, but now in recent years, some low-cost dredger out of some places to disrupt the market, anyone buy products, want to cheap, but users buy back found that the machine often needs maintenance, and accessories are not easy to buy, manufacturers hang all the nameplates on the accessories, then only high-priced in the manufacturers to buy accessories. This means that the initial investment is small, the later investment is large, and even the construction period is delayed.


                So later, when these users buy the slag scraper again, they will choose to be very cautious, or not directly applicable to the slag scraper, but to the wheel loader. However, compared with modern slag scraper, the price of electric slag scraper is more advantageous, of course, the premise is to use in the roadway with track installed, some roadways about 2 meters can also use electric slag scraper, the wheel will be changed to tyre type, with manual implementation.



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