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                Transfer and sale of second-hand slag scraper,


                Sell a second-hand 150 type slag scraper, the color is newer, the original paint water. The slag scraper is a crawler type slag scraper, which belongs to explosion-proof type and can also be used in coal mines. The crawler slag scraper can also be used in inclined wells with slope less than 30 degrees. It is purely electric. In theory, 220 cubic meters per hour, motor power 55KW, the dredger is from Pingxiang City South Machinery, Jiangxi Province, the machine model is ZWY-220.


                Scraper, Crawler Scraper, Used Scraper


                Scraper, Crawler Scraper, Used Scraper


                型       号:ZWY-220

                装载能力:220 m3/h










                Popular Science: Slag Scraper

                Slag scraper is a new type of tunnel loader, which is used to load slag in coal mines or non-coal mine tunnels. It can replace manual loading and loader loading. Slag scraper is a new type of tunnel loader composed of hydraulic excavator, conveying part and walking part. Slag scraper has nine types from small to large, and the tunnel size is from 1.8 meters to 6 meters. It can be used. The working principle of the slag scraper is that the front excavating arm conveys part of the material to the middle, and the rear part is fed by the transport vehicle. The transport vehicle (four unlike the vehicle) then transports the slag out of the tunnel for complete slag discharge.

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