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                Si Chuan RuiDiTong Construction Machinery CO.,LTD扒渣机 耙斗机 电耙子 四不像 四不像矿第十二 受害者与冤大头车 专业制造

                Home > News > A good friend of slag scraper: tunnel slag carrier

                A good friend of slag scraper: tunnel slag carrier


                       Tunnel slag carrier, as its name implies, is the slag carrier used in the tunnel. The reason why it is a good friend of the slag scraper is that the slag scraper is a loader in the tunnel, while the tunnel slag carrier is a transport vehicle cooperating with the slag scraper. Their cars can be said to be inseparable. The workload of anyone who leaves will be greatly reduced. Our company produces and sells slag carriers with tail gas filter device, which truly and effectively solves the situation that the tail gas discharged from the vehicle in the tunnel causes staff breathing difficulties. So why should the vehicle be chosen when the slag is discharged from the tunnel and the slag is transported? The reason is very simple. This tunnel slag truck is easy to use and has dump function. It can unload slag onto the ground or in the tunnel at a fairly fast speed, just like the dump truck used outside the open air.

                隧道运渣◤车_隧□ 道出渣车



                The power is equipped with a double-cylinder 2105 diesel engine, 40 horsepower, and the size of the vehicle is 4380 *1550 *1650. Container size: 2400 * 1550 * 600. The bottom plate of the carriage is 5 thick and the side plate is 4 thick. Air brake front axle, 130 gearbox, with auxiliary transmission, electric start, double batteries, fast start, full hydraulic power direction, 1058 air brake rear axle, 8 thick moment tube girders, 7CM wide 1CM thick leaf spring, front wheel 6.50-16, rear wheel 7.50-16 mine tyres. Dual top dump, add tail gas filtration. Loading capacity of 5 tons



                At present, this type of vehicle is widely used in the water diversion tunnel slag discharge, gradually replacing the fake four-wheeled vehicle, diesel tricycle and other simple vehicles. The characteristics of the Ryditon tunnel slag carrier are solid steel, durable, exhaust evolution filtering, good stability. It has been said that the tunnel slag carrier is a good friend of the slag scraper, so we here or our slag scraper please come out to show you, introduce.



                I believe that our friends who often pay attention to us all know what the slag scraper is used for. Before that, we simply said that the slag scraper is used for loading in tunnels. In fact, it is a tunnel loader. But the appearance of the slag scraper is totally different from that of the loader, and it is also in view of the excavator. Indeed, the dredger is designed according to the principle of excavator. The front arm of the slag scraper drives the bucket and continuously conveys part of the scraping material to the middle. With the conveying part of the slag discharging to the tail, the tail tunnel slag truck directly connects the slag into the container, and then transports the slag to the outside of the tunnel and pours it out. So the dredger and tunnel dredger are good friends, they can complete a whole set of dredger work together.

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