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                Introduction of agricultural and mining four unlike vehicles


                Four unlike vehicles, also known as diesel four-wheel vehicles and tractors, the four unlike vehicles produced and sold by our company are mainly divided into agricultural vehicles and engineering vehicles. The engineering vehicles are mainly used to transport slag or concrete in mines and construction sites. These vehicles are all vehicles prohibited from driving on the road, which we also call site operation vehicles. Agricultural vehicles are mainly used in orchards, vegetable gardens and mountains.

                Agricultural four-wheel drive vehicles mainly include single cylinder four-wheel drive vehicles and four cylinder four-wheel drive vehicles. Single cylinder four-wheel drive vehicles are mainly used to transport fertilizer in orchard and vegetable garden. Four cylinder and four-wheel drive are mainly used to transport wood, stone and river sand in mountainous areas。
                Mining four unlike vehicle, also known as mining four wheeled vehicle, tractor, mining, mining, as the name implies, is the vehicle used in the mine. The characteristics of this series of vehicles are that the vehicle steel is very solid, the steel plate is very thick, the engine horsepower is high, the brand is good, the gearbox and the front and rear axle are well matched.
                The birth of "four unlike cars" has brought us a lot of convenience. For example, in the past, the transportation of tunnels in mines used installation tracks and buckets to transport slag, which is very troublesome. Another example is that the diesel tricycle used before is used to produce slag. Generally, a tricycle is about 20000 yuan, which can be used for 3-4 years at the construction site. However, the service life of the diesel tricycle in the mine is generally only 1-2 years, and the replacement parts and maintenance volume in the two years are not small. When we replace these with mine four unlike vehicles, these problems can be solved, which is convenient to use, longer life and less maintenance.


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