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                Si Chuan RuiDiTong Construction Machinery CO.,LTD扒渣机 耙斗机 电耙子 四不像 四不像矿车小楼后 专业制造

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                technical vehicle


                Technical vehicle, which is mainly used in construction site and mine site as internal transfer operation vehicle. Unlike our commercial vehicles, technical vehicle works hard on comfort and appearance. Technical vehicle mainly works hard on structure and configuration, such as engine, gearbox, front and rear axle and girder. Compared with commercial vehicles, the technical vehicle has the advantages of low price, small overall body, large load capacity and durability. Our company mainly produces and sells agricultural vehicles and mining vehicles.



                The above figure is the basic model of our company's technical vehicle, i.e. the model without mine safety certificate, which is commonly used for excavation of Headrace Tunnel and transportation of muck, as well as transportation of concrete, river sand and other materials at the construction site. Although it is a basic model, its configuration is not low: the car is powered by a dual cylinder 2105 diesel engine, 40 horsepower, and the overall size is 4380 × 1550 × 1650. Container size: 2400 × 1550 × 600. The side plates of the car floor are 3 thick. Air brake front axle, 130 gearbox, with auxiliary speed change, electric start, double battery, fast start, full hydraulic power direction, 1058 air brake rear axle, 8 thick rectangular tube girders, 7cm wide 1cm thick steel plate spring, front wheel 6.50-16, rear wheel 7.50-16 mine tire. Double top dump, equipped with tail gas filtration. The load is 5 tons.


                The above figure is our star style, the technical vehicle with mine safety certificate, which is also a good one in sales. This technical vehicle is mainly used to transport slag and sand in non coal mine tunnels, and of course, it can also be used to transport concrete and river sand in construction sites The vehicle is mainly equipped with FAW Xichai four cylinder 490 diesel engine, 64 HP, with the overall size of 4200 × 1630 × 1700. Container size: 2800 × 160 × 700. There are 6 thick side plates and 4 thick side plates on the bottom plate of the carriage. 1045 air brake front axle, 145 gearbox, with auxiliary transmission, electric start, double battery, fast start, full hydraulic power direction, 1069 air brake rear axle, 8 thick rectangular pipe girders, 7CM wide 1CM thick steel plate spring, 6.50-16 front wheel, 7.00-16 rear double wheel mine tires. Double top dump, equipped with tail gas filtration. Load 6-8 tons.

                四不像车_矿□ 用运渣车㊣


                There are many kinds of styles that can't be separated from. This technical vehicle is the same as the second one, but it's shorter in height and suitable for use in places where height is limited. In addition to the above styles, we have more configurations, such as the four-wheel drive model, or the 1088 axle, 1092 and so on. At present, we have achieved a load capacity of 15 tons of four-way mineral car. The higher the load capacity of the car, the higher the requirements of the mine road conditions. But what we usually use is our star style, the four cylinder 6-8 ton technical vehicle. As a technical vehicle, we are professional. We can provide you with better and higher quality technical vehicles, rather than technical vehicles that cause you trouble.

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