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                Electric rake raking machine


                The electric rake raking machine is a key product developed and promoted by our company. It is also an ideal ore raking equipment. The machine can pick up ore and slag from a distance to a designated tunnel or skip. The structure of the machine is simple, and it is not easy to break down. It is loved by the majority of workers. As early as when we didn't design and produce the electric rake raking machine, the two dispatching winches were used to realize the long-distance raking. Compared with the electric rake, the operation is complex, and it needs twice the cost to put into use.

                Working principle of the electric rake and raking machine
                After the motor is started, the main shaft 14 is driven by two-stage deceleration of gears 2, 1, 3 and 4, and then two planetary gear reducers are driven by gears 5 and 8. When the internal gear 7 is not braked, it can rotate freely, and the main and auxiliary drums do not rotate under the drag of the scraper and the wire rope. If the right control handle is pressed to make the right inner gear 7 stop, the corresponding main winding drum 13 will rotate and wind the rope under the drive of planetary gear 6 and Samsung frame 12 to drag the rake. The auxiliary drum 11 rotates to release the rope under the traction of the steel wire rope. Release the right handlebar, press the left handlebar, and stop the left gear 7. Then the corresponding auxiliary drum 11 rotates and winds the rope under the drive of planetary gear 9 and Samsung frame 10, drag the scraper bucket to return quickly, and the main drum pulls and lowers the rope on the wire rope. Press it alternately, release the left and right handlebars, and the scraper bucket will perform reciprocating motion to complete the ore raking work.

                At present, our company mainly produces and sells 15 types and 30 types of electric rake raking machines, which are usually used for pulling from top to bottom and the distance is not more than 50 meters, and 30 types are generally used for picking or pulling from bottom to top. And if the distance is more than 50m but less than 70m, it is also necessary to use 30 type. The operation of electric rake raking machine is very simple, that is, two handles. If you need the roller on the other side to rotate, press down the roller on the other side, and the roller on the other side will drive the wire rope to pull the scraper. It is forbidden to press the operating handle at the same time when operating the equipment.

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