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                Raking machine, made by Sichuan ruiditong


                 In fact, the ore raking machine and coal raking machine are all machines - a kind of machine used in mining instead of manual mining in the working face. The machine can be placed in a safe place far away from the working face of the mining area, and the operator can stand beside the machine to operate. The ore raking machine and coal raking machine can pick up the slag of the construction roadway with a slope of about 80 meters and no more than 44 degrees to the designated tunnel or skip. The machine completely replaces the manual work in the working face of the mining area to dig the slag into the chute and then slide into the tunnel or skip. The manual mining is OK on the upper slope, but it is not good in the level lane or the downhill situation, and it still needs to be used

                The digger is coming to mine.

                At present, there are three kinds of raking machines and coal raking machines produced and sold by our company, one is the harrow winch, also known as the electric harrow, the other is the harrow bucket loader, also known as the harrow bucket machine, and the other is the slag raking machine. As a matter of fact, the first and the second are the most important ones, because both of them can be used for remote mining. The first one is far away, and the second one is about 20 meters away, but it can be loaded directly. The third one is mainly used for driving. Each of these three machines has its own advantages. Users can choose the corresponding model according to the actual needs.

                In fact, it can be understood as "electric rake" according to the literal meaning, because only electric rake can meet the name of "mining machine", so why can only electric rake meet the meaning of the name? The utility of the electric rake is to pick up the ore from the drift or inclined shaft with a slope of no more than 44 degrees to the designated tunnel or skip, so as to realize the long-distance mining and loading operation. In fact, the ore raking machine is not only used in the tunnel mining face, but also in the handling of open-pit ore. as long as you need to transport the slag with a distance of no more than 100 meters to another place, then our ore raking machine can help you realize it!

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