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                Si Chuan RuiDiTong Construction Machinery CO.,LTD扒渣机 耙斗机 电耙子 四不像 四不像矿①车 专业制造

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                Mine truck, mine slag truck

                Mine trucks and slag trucks are mainly used in mine roadways for slag discharge, with dump dump function, which mainly plays a transport role.

                Mine transporter and mine slag transporter are mainly used for transporting slag in mine roadway. The vehicle has dump function. Mine transporter and mine slag transporter, as their names imply, are special vehicles for mines. The vehicles used in mines must be strong and durable. All accessories are strong and durable. At present, our company mainly produces and sells 5 tons of trucks, 8 tons of trucks and 10 tons of trucks.


                The main configurations of double-cylinder mine transporter are as follows:





                The main configuration of four-cylinder mine transporter is as follows:





                Recent Photo of Rear Bridge of Double Cylinder Mine Transport Vehicle



                Four cylinder mine truck, mine slag truck rear axle portrait, from the photos we can see that the choice of materials for the vehicle are very good, steel plate 10 thick, 1069 air-break brake cast steel rear axle, looks like a muscle man. Whether double-cylinder or four-cylinder mining trucks, the materials used are not dare to be careless, they are all real and honest! 

                Main product:我们主要生产销售:扒渣机,耙斗装岩机,耙矿绞车,电耙子,四不像,四不像∞矿车,矿用四轮车,柴油四轮︽车,调度提升绞车,小型装载机,铲车。 If you need above products,pls call our hot-wire telephone.


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