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                Si Chuan RuiDiTong Construction Machinery CO.,LTD扒渣机 耙斗机 电耙子 四不像 四¤不像矿车 专业制造

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                WZT-80 MuckingLoader

                Mine slag machine, slag machine, rake bucket machine is my factory key developed and manufactured products. Grilled slag machine technology was developed by the German early introduction of slag machi...

                Mine slag machine, slag machine, rake bucket machine is my factory key developed and manufactured products. Grilled slag machine technology was developed by the German early introduction of slag machine technology, plus I plant specializing in the research and development of slag machine designers to design more machine types and models of slag, slag Model I plant variety can also be tailored for you, welcome new and old customers to Point Consulting Cinder machine price.
                Grilled slag machine mainly used for mining tunnel loading slag used, instead of the manual loading slag labor and time for you to shorten the time of mining tunnels, disguised to save you more expenses. Grilled slag machine are digging claws and conveying components, like excavators and loaders combination. Cinder by the robot main body is engageable with the conveyor, slag and conveying loading function combined with electric hydraulic control system of production equipment, with safety and environmental protection, energy consumption, high efficiency characteristics. Mining enterprises is essential for advanced mining equipment, labor and other mechanical alternatives. I plant slag machine main advantage lies in selling and high stability, working up a small amount of jitter, noise, shipping, handling speed, power walking big four cabinet chassis, you can place a 360 degree turn! Scraper Grilled slag machine wearing parts is almost zero, the minimum amount of maintenance

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                Company MuckingLoader buying process convenient, about aftermarket I also did good service considerations and practical action --- MuckingLoader together trainers and guidance to the client site, by our trainers to guide training Customer is responsible for how the church , how to care, how to repair and so on. Our Grilled slag machine warranty for up to six months. Of course, after the warranty period, customers only need a phone, we will arrange for staff to go to maintain.


                Our products are constantly updated and is subject to change without notice.

                company stock to conventional products ordered, the size of the construction face purchases, ordering please contact with our company consulting, communication in order to apply.

                Main product:我们主要生∑ 产销售:扒渣机,耙斗装≡岩机,耙矿绞车,电耙子,四不像,四不像矿这点虽然让心下有所知觉了车,矿用四轮■车,柴油四轮车,调度提道升绞车,小型装载╳机,铲车。 If you need above products,pls call our hot-wire telephone.


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