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                Si Chuan RuiDiTong Construction Machinery CO.,LTD扒渣机 耙斗机 电耙子 四不像 四不⊙像矿车 专业制造

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                P15 Scraper loader P30 Scraper loader P60Scraper loader

                Scraper loader is mainly used in engineering tunneling coal, metallurgy, mining, tunneling, etc. with tub or skip loading operation is to improve the driving speed to achieve a major heavy mechanized ...

                Scraper loader products and function introduction

                Scraper loader is mainly used in coal mine, metallurgy, mine, tunnel drivage with car or skip loading operation, is to improve the driving speed, a heavy equipment to achieve driving mechanization. Scraper loader is the main rope traction respectively through two drum winch, tail rope so that the scraper bucket to do reciprocating motion to rock and feed, discharge and discharge chute mouth discharge into the tub or skip, so as to realize the loading operation. The device outside called: scraper machine, grilled loader, scraper, rock loading machine and so on a variety of different names, essentially a region of a call.   www.pazhaji.com



                Scraper loader features

                Scraper loader host part of the planetary gear transmission, the series of Scraper loader with rock loading and high efficiency, simple structure, good reliability, convenient operation, wide range of application. Scraper loader not only for entry, and can be used in 30 degrees below inclined lane, is improving the driving speed, a major mechanical equipments roadway drivage mechanization. Scraper loader with a pneumatic pusher cylinder, car filled, available pneumatic cart cylinders will be heavy vehicle launch, in order to reduce the labor intensity of workers, shorten the switching time, improving the driving speed.

                Scraper loader uses

                Scraper loader is suitable for various metals, non-metallic minerals, coal, railway culvert, water conservancy construction in tunnel excavation with car or skip of rock loading operation. It can be used not only in the drift, but also in the angle of less than 30 degrees slope or turning and turning angle of 90 degrees to the use of roadway, and also at the same time parallel operation tunneling process, improving the driving speed. Electrical equipment with the explosion-proof performance, can be used to mine with coal dust and gas in.


                Scraper loader detailed technical parameters


                Scraper loader site using the site photos






                We can see from the above construction site photos, the machinery is installed above the foundation runs on tracks, then some people will ask, then using the mechanical Is it right? Must install the track? The answer is no, because in addition to the slope, in the gallery, I have no track can also use this equipment, we can be converted into a rail wheel below the rubber tire, but when a device is fixed more difficult. We should first of all equipment for refueling, before using the device at initial treatment, although we see equipment tooth box oil exposed, it is only our factory test machine sticking out of the oil it, at first use, we should strictly in accordance with the instructions of the size of the wire rope amount when installed coil rope, can not be installed, otherwise it will shine card rope phenomenon.

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